Healthcare is being reimagined globally as a result of scientific and technological advances. Ubiquity of mobile, peer-to-peer sharing tools, and experience of engaging personalized services in other areas of their lives (for e.g. retail and transportation industries) is changing consumers into super consumers. Pricing pressures are forcing Governments / healthcare authorities to prioritize better health outcomes at reduced costs. While true innovation will continue to be relevant, the government is increasingly promoting the prescription of generics and biosimilar.

Digital health start-ups and technology entrants are already moving aggressively into the mainstream by developing innovative and low cost products, services and solutions.

It is critical for all companies to invest strategically and differentially in the capabilities that create future value for all stakeholders. Life sciences companies in India, must determine how they can seize the upside of disruption in today’s transformative age to:

  • Maintain leadership in the evolving generics industry
  • Start gaining share in the biosimilars and personalized medicines market

BioAsia 2019 is themed on Life Sciences 4.0 where the global industry experts will share their thoughts on global trends and ramifications for all industry stakeholders viz. companies, policy makers, healthtech companies, startups, hospitals, scientists, etc.

We invite you to participate in the BioAsia 2019 conference and DISRUPT THE DISRUPTION!